PSC Cares
Code of Integrity & Conduct

Our PSC Cares Code of Integrity and Conduct serves as the foundation for all we do—how we conduct our business, serve our customers, and treat members of our PSC family.

The Code and our services, policies, and company culture are based on our PSC Core ValuesThe Code applies to all employees of PSC, and it is the personal responsibility of each employee to read and understand the Code and commit to uphold its principles. CLICK HERE to review the PSC Cares Code of Integrity and Conduct policy document from our employee handbook.


If you become aware of a violation of our PSC Cares Code of Integrity and Conduct, or if you are concerned about something questionable that you have observed in the workplace, we are trusting you to speak up.

PSC employees should report the information to their supervisor or manager, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Vice President, or other appropriate leadership personnel. If you do not feel comfortable reporting to any of the individuals listed above, you may submit a report via our PSC Cares Integrity Helpline, which is operated by an independent company. This system makes it easy for employees to confidentially and anonymously report an incident about workplace issues.

CLICK HERE to access the Integrity Helpline website or call toll-free at 1-800-461-9330