For PSC Employees Only

2021 Award Nominations

Do you work with a star performer?


We’re talking about the “best of the best” in the Petroleum Service Corporation family. We know they’re out there, and we need your help to find them!

Since 1998, PSC has annually recognized non-supervisory field employees who have distinguished themselves by exhibiting the signature qualities by which our founder, Derryl H. Haymon, was so well known. In 2001, we also introduced another spotlight award — the Cecil Johnson Customer Service Award. All PSC employees have the opportunity to nominate the candidate(s) of their choice for these prestigious awards. The winners will be selected by our management team.

Don’t Delay! All nominations must be submitted by October 31, 2021.

Award Criteria

You must be a current employee of Petroleum Service Corporation to nominate someone for an award. Please carefully review the award criteria listed below to make sure that the co-worker you want to nominate qualifies for the award. You may not nominate yourself for an award.

D.H. Haymon Award

Nominees for the D.H. Haymon Award are required to be non-supervisory field employees. Please don’t nominate any supervisors, managers, or office personnel for this award. Qualities recognized by the D.H. Haymon Award are leadership, hard work, creativity, unselfishness, dedication to the company, and concern for others. Nominees are not required to be “just like” Mr. D.H. Haymon.

Cecil Johnson Customer Service Award

Nominees for the Cecil Johnson Customer Service Award are required to be office personnel, dispatchers, supervisors, and/or managers. Please don’t nominate any non-supervisory field employees for this award, as they already qualify for the D.H. Haymon Award. Please also note that PSC Vice Presidents are not eligible for nomination. Qualities recognized by the Cecil Johnson Customer Service Award are customer service leadership and initiative, responsiveness, knowledge, courtesy, empathy, and reliability. 


Click here to view a list of previous award winners. Previous winners are not eligible for nomination.

You will need to know the following information for the person(s) you are nominating for an award: Name, Job Title, and Department/Work Location.

You will need to provide an explanation of why you are nominating this person for the award, giving specific examples. If you would like to create a computer-generated document containing this information, you will have the opportunity to upload a Word or PDF file(s) when submitting your online nomination.

Click the link below to submit your nomination: